Monday, May 21, 2012

Apples + Trees

How does that saying go - "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Indeed, I have found this to be true with my two "apples." Their sharp minds and quick wit never cease to amaze me. And, it typically tends to amuse me.

Apparently there is no such thing as aging gracefully - not in this house.
Sidney: "Mommy, what are those lines by Daddy's eyes when he laughs?"
Me: The lines by his eyes?
Sidney: "Yea, you know...when he smiles or laughs they show up here." (she points to the outside of her eyes as she squints and smiles in the mirror to demonstrate.)
Me: Ahh, those. We call those crow's feet, Sidney.
Sidney: "Daddy sure has a lot of 'the' crow's feet on his face. And you have a few too."
Me: Top of the morning to you too, Sidney.

My words are used against my by my little man...say it ain't so!
Ashton: "Mommy, will you get me some peanut butter?"
Me: No. I'm busy doing your laundry. Would you like to do your laundry while I get your peanut butter?
Ashton: "No, Mommy."
With a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his face he says, "I'm just a baby, Mommy. We don't do laundry."
Me: Touche. But, you're getting your own peanut butter.

Funny how these kids have become such smart asses at such a young age. I'll take it though. My spirited children.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pop Quiz

I was putting Ashton to bed and as I began to walk out the door, the quiz began. "Mommy, where did I get 'Roar'?" Roar is a dinosaur with a highly imaginative name. "You got Roar from Disney, Buddy. The T-Rex Cafe." "Oh, that's right. I forgot." I'm not completely convinced that he forgot, but I saw an opening with the quiz game, so I decided to seize the moment.

"Ashton, do you remember where you got 'Baby'?" He looks at me and shakes his head no. Baby is a Ty Beanie Baby sea otter that rests safely under Ashton's chin every night. Every night. "You got him from the hospital when you had to have your tubes put in your ears." The light bulb pops on. "Oh, that's right...I got him from the hospital when I had to wear tiger pajamas." This is something that he doesn't actually remember, but rather visits through a photo that I have of him in said PJ's in the waiting room of Children's Hospital.

Round two for Mom...and this one is important. I truly had a sensation of butterflies before I asked the question for fear that he wouldn't remember. And not remembering is not an option - he simply must remember. This is a crucial question. "Buddy, do you remember who got you Froggy?" Froggy is a stuffed treasure who lies on Ashton's right ear each night. A smile cracks from each corner of his mouth and he rolls his eyes. "Yes, Mommy...Granddad got me Froggy when I was a baby." A sigh of relief. "Yes, Ashy, Granddad got you Froggy. Do you know why he got you Froggy?" He shakes his head no, but is clearly interested in an explanation. "When you were still a baby in Mommy's belly we told Granddad your name would be Ashton William Daniel. Do you know what Granddad's name is, Buddy?" Again he shakes his head but is filled with curiosity. "His name is William. Just like you - it's William." The smile breaks across his face and his eyes glimmer as he realizes that he is named after someone. His Granddad. This man who loved Ashton more than life itself.

He remembers.