Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

It's true - it finally happened. After a long, frigid winter the sun and some glimpses of warmth found their way back to Northeast Ohio. It couldn't come soon enough for me.

I am a lover of the sun, heat and blooming things. These are all signs of life to me. And, everything is so much better when the sun is shining! 

As I was driving this week, I noticed an elderly gentleman working in his field - tending to a broken fence that no doubt was creamed by high winds and crazy amounts of snow this winter. It reminded me so much of my Granddad. If the weather was decent, he could be found tinkering in the yard, shed or garage. That's just how he rolled. It took me back to a time when he was here. Vibrant. Alive. Oh how I miss him. But, oh so thankful for my memories.