Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reflections of 2013

...here it is - finally - the reflections of 2013. Historically, I am anti-resolution. I just don't get the idea of "I resolve to do _________" at the beginning of the year. Why not have an epiphany of something to improve upon and work toward it from that moment? I have had several of those throughout the year and have resolved to work on those in my everyday life.

What 2013 brought to light was....

.....silence can be deafening. Damaging. Counterproductive in some cases.

.....my family is a safe haven. Their presence offers me serenity even in the most chaotic instances.

.....my kids still light me up - every single day. 

....I do not love or even remotely like Sci-Fi or anything that resembles it. I can't even pretend to! I would rather watch an episode of Elmo's World (is that still on?) than Star Trek. 

....my heart is in service, this I know. I will serve in my home, my community and eventually someplace in the world.

....I am not defined by my work or the success or failures that may come alongside of a career. My work is a means to an end, and that end is contributing to a healthy, happy household. 

....my marriage is a partnership rather than a parallel effort. Two on the same team works much better than two separately working toward the same goals.

....I still get a kick out of the word "duty." I will laugh every single time. 

....my friends are invaluable. While they are few in number, they are mighty in support, laughter, love and strength and for this I am grateful.

2013 was okay...benign in some ways, treacherous in others and sprinkled with some good times. 2014 will be great - mark my words. 

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