Sunday, August 28, 2011


Who writes a blog about blogging?  I do.  I looked at the date of my last post and thought to myself, "has it really been that long?"  Well, yes, it has.  These past two weeks have been borderline chaotic.  Chaos is my kryptonite.  It makes me crazy when I have too many plates spinning, running in too many directions and being constantly driven by the clock. 

Over the past several months I have found blogging to be my therapy.  My release from dark situations.  My vehichle for documenting the many funny (and not so funny) stories of my family.  Not having the time to do it has not gone unnoticed. 

I'm here to say I'm back on the wagon.  The glitches of ironing out my own schedule and the schedule of not one, but two, school-agers have been refined.  I'm back to pounding the keys and rejoining my therapy session.

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